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We have been designing and building customised decors for 25 years

Giant the art worker

Our expertise

Giant the art worker

Design concepts
Design concepts form the core of the work we produce.
Both classic and computer-assisted drawings and concepts.
Creation of computer-assisted technical drawings.

Sculpted concrete
We have used this technique that is at the very heart of our activity since our company was first founded.
Application of sprayed sculpted concrete techniques with steel or stainless steel structures or sprayed directly onto walls.

We can handle the project’s design and development and then we can build it too. We have the resources required to work on constructions with which the public will interact. These demand extreme precision and must be perfect in every regard.

Synthetic resin
We have worked with synthetic resins since the day our company was founded. This technique offers the possibility of building a very wide range of different themes.
The main synthetic resins that we use are polyester, epoxy and polyurethane, applied directly, bonded (marouflage), sprayed, injected or formed into moulds.

Concept design and production of decors for theme parks

Since 1986, we have been designing, theming and building decors of all types for major European theme parks. Our teams are masters at all the different techniques and they closely monitor the latest developments in these techniques. This enables us to guarantee the highest degree of quality in the finished project.
Giant was founded in 1986 with a mission to design and build giant advertising modules, static or animated, by using techniques such as polyester and inflatable materials.
In 1988, at the request of a theme park, we took our first steps into the world of design concepts and productions.
Fortified by this experience, we changed direction and moved more towards building decors and animated pieces that are the result of many different techniques in combinations: Sprayed and sculpted concrete, polyester, polyurethane, wood, metals, etc.
We invest in state-of-the-art technological equipment and provide training for our teams who are all specialists in their fields.
We have also acquired considerable experience in design concepts for decors as well as in master plans.
We make all of this expertise available to you.

Museums and scenography

Science and art are inextricably linked in the design of museums today. Each exhibition is specific and unique. We work side by side with you throughout all the stages of the project: offering you advice and coming up with artistic, technical and production solutions.
We believe that the creative process is an ongoing one that produces the best results when approached in a partnership. Experience plays an important role in this.


Point of sale publicity, direct sales, etc... When it comes to generating awareness about a product among consumers, we pull out all the stops and use all our resources, including the most spectacular.
As we are so accustomed to building giant decors, we are well placed to build stands, characters and objects that are creative and original within tight deadlines.

Our workshops

Our workshop cover a surface area of 800m², we have four concrete spraying machines, a mechanical workshop with a lathe, a milling machine, a welding workshop, a polyurethane spraying room, a sculpture workshop, a painting room and hoisting material.

Our main sectors of activity
Theme parks
Hospitality industry
Building restoration
Producing works for artists
Belgium and abroad